The Manager of Information Technology center



Believing in the role of information technology And communication in the development, and improvement of the business environment The trend was the establishment of the Information Technology Center at the University of Technology, to build and develop a distinguished technical environmentIt is comprehensive, integrated, safe and easy to use so that the work environment can be improved and productivity is improvedAcademic or administrative aspects through the optimal use of available resources to achieve the overall goalThe university's vision adds competitive advantages. And where the mission of the IT center is to enrich the spirit Innovation towards building an integrated system according to standards and educational institutions with global frameworks.

The center aims to develop the capabilities of the university staffs and ministries of state and institutions through the establishment

Specialized courses in the field of information and communication technology. The center also adopts systems design and development

E - learning at the university, and the development of websites in addition to the management of the Internet and intranet Servers, maintenance of computers and accessories and the Department of e-learning and electronic classes in the university.

In conclusion, I cannot but thanks all the distinguished staffs for their efforts in achieving the objectives of the Center with patience and perfection.And I ask Allah Almighty us and you success.


Dr. Ghassan Abdul-Hussein Bilal            

    The Manager of Information Technology center