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   The vision of the Ibn Sina E-Learning Division is to enable educational institutions to create an appropriate learning environment for all levels and in various fields and disciplines by applying the concepts and technology of e-learning and its multiple systems in the overall educational and academic process to create an open and advanced interactive education pattern that focuses on thinking and creativity in accordance with quality standards and academic accreditation to The aspect of creating a solid and advanced position for the university in the higher education sector in Iraq and the world.

The message:

   The main mission of the Ibn Sina E-learning Division is to develop e-learning skills as one of the advanced means that support the educational and academic process. E-learning includes all university education activities and seeks to provide an interactive learning environment in which a set of interactive electronic tools are integrated with multiple sources and by using various modern means of communication in a synchronous or asynchronous manner between the learner and the teacher.


  • Improving the e-learning environment at the university.
  • Developing the skills of academics and students in the field of e-learning.
  • Providing educational means based on the use of e-learning techniques.
  • Benefiting from the faculty members, and utilizing their time in the serious and distinguished participation in e-learning.
  • Holding intensive courses and organizing workshops that contribute to the development of e-learning for all university members.
  • Developing positive attitudes towards information technology through the use of the Canvas platform by the professor and the student.

Tasks of the Ibn Sina Division for E-Learning:

  • Using modern educational methodologies and media.
  • Employing communication technology for the purposes of education, development and the exchange of educational resources.
  • Monitoring the quality of digital content.
  • Spreading the culture of e-learning in university educational communities through the establishment of training courses, workshops and educational seminars
  • Management and follow-up of the e-learning platform.
  • The digital design of the courses in coordination with the members of the association in the scientific departments.
  • Periodic follow-up of the activities of teachers on the e-learning platform in all scientific departments.
  • Follow up the members of the association and direct them to serve the e-learning sector at the University of Technology.


Division staff:

 - Assistant lecturer Saleh Saad Saleh - Head of the Ibn Sina Division for E-Learning    



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