Maintenance Division


The maintenance division was established in 2003 in view of the expansion of the information Technology Centre at the Technological University to occupy its place and operate as a technical division within the Information Technology Centre divisions.

The maintenance division maintains computers of various kinds, desktops, laptops and accessories, as well as connecting computer networks, where engineers the maintenance division designs and implements all types of divisions, using specialized and miscellaneous operating systems in the departments and services of the university, including (classrooms, computer laboratories, workshops). The Maintenance division is responsible for maintaining and maintaining a number of internal networks implemented at the university, including the payroll system in the Finance Section.

In addition to the training of scientific and technical officers under the management of the Division and participation in the development of the training curriculum courses implemented at the Information Technology Centre.

the area of ​​software, the Division provides software installation and updating services, operating systems, applications, translators, service programs and various virus treatments, and solving potential problems, the most important of which is hardware conflicts with new operating systems and applications, incompatibility with some older programs, Drivers and various computer components.


Division Staff

  • Assist.Chief Eng. Saba Muzaffar Nasser... Division manager
  • Assist. Lecturer Hassan Abdul Hadi Kadhim
  • Chief programmers  Luqman Khudair Gitan
  • Assist. Chief Eng. Rasha Abdul Rasul Abdul Hussein
  • Senior Researcher Aseel Salih Mahdi
  • Senior Eng. Mohamed Muwaffaq Mohammed