Management Division


The Information Technology Center has an administrative division that follows the affairs and work of its technical divisions

The Administrative Division tasks:

1. Preparing official books.

2. Forming technical committees related to the work of the Center.

3. Formation of inventory committees for the work of the Center.

4. Issuing the managerial orders employees’ center in respect of long and short leave and orders of disengagement and direct at work.

5. Holding and follow-up records of attendance and departure and the issuance of periodic reports on the regular and temporary leave of the Center's employees to the Presidency of the University.

6. Implementation and follow-up of the margins of the President of the University, the assistants and the Director of the Center.

7. Issuing the circulars for the courses and researches completed to all the university departments and centers.

8. Follow up the internal purchasing committees of the Center and coordinate with the Central purchasing Committee and the financial section of University Presidency.

9. Follow-up maintenance work in coordination with the central maintenance department at the university.

10. Organizing and updating the personal files of all employees of the Center.


Division staff

  • Assist. Programmer Furqan Falah Ahmed (the Head of the Division)
  • Assist. Chief Researcher Mohamed Ali Hussein
  • Senior Eng. Nabaa Saeb Isaa
  • Assist. Chief Observer Hiba Mohammed Abdul Rahman
  • Technical Chief Observers Uday Abdullah Kazem
  • Senior Craftsman Abbas Falih Zgair
  • Chief Craftsman Basim Abdul Karim Ghawi



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