E- Management and Databases Division

Systems Buliding and Databases Branch was established in 2017 after the integration of the Systems section in the Electronic Computer Center and the Electronic Management section in the Information Technology Center. The section

Divide in three units: 

• Database management module.

• E-learning module.

• Software Systems Development Unit.

Division task

1) Automate administrative and financial work, and provide the needs of the university presidency, administrative departments, central library, scientific and engineering departments, institutions of the state and the private sector of the software applications.

2) Train staff and employees in various aspects IT applications.

3) Developing the administrative and financial information systems at the university to increase performance, speed of work, reduce costs and improve the quality. Information systems have become a great necessity for universities to stay and continue to succeed and achieve their goals.

4) Utilize and employ the administrative and financial information systems, which work first to change the organizational structure of the task and administrative tasks of universities and educational institutions,

5) Management the database and their security and that will lead for handling the database, which are important topics for the management of the information technology center and the Systems and Electronic Management section, and for the following reasons:


1. Increasing of the information size that required to be stored, retrieved and processed in the university, which requires more sophisticated and modern ways to deal with them.

2. Increasing interest in data and making it a valuable resource for university resources, which requires effective management of this resource.

3. Increased need in universities and educational institutions for accurate data and high reliability for use in planning, control and making decision. 

4. Develop infrastructure that support information systems. The infrastructure consists of two basic components, "database and communication network", in the databases are described as data storage and used jointly in all useful, healthy and reliable applications, as well as description Data structure using special model design to insert data models. The communication networks determine the data transmission channels between the different locations in the information technology center.

5. Protection of databases and information systems from risky (intentional and unintentional) that lead to unauthorized operations such as "modification, deletion or destruction of data or software". It is also interest in maintain the good performance of computers, computers’ accessories, maintain them permanently and continuously to provide the required services well. The importance of protection and security increases with the increasing reliance of universities on the use of information systems in the implementation of their administrative and financial operations. Thus Making these procedures one of the most important functions of information systems management in universities.

In general, information systems designed to help management units through providing the important information that can be useful in making the right decisions. The benefits of using information systems can be determined by:

-  Providing the possibility of studying and addressing complex and large problems, and that will provide the management units the tools and scientific methods to facilitate their treatment.

- Helping in making decisions and accomplishing various administrative tasks. Information systems provide large places that can assist management in planning projects, scheduling various operations, calculating costs, controlling inventory, evaluating performance, communicating information to related parties and many other administrative and financial tasks.

-  Management assistant to identify, predict and detect  problems early, respond and plan for these important events  quickly.


Division achievements:

Build many of the software systems that have been implemented and applied (will mentioned names later)as well as many of the systems planned for the future :

1. Competitive examination system for postgraduate students.

2. Admission system on the University of Technology.

3. Admission examination system in the university technological sections

4. The units’ members participate in training courses that held in the center


Division staff

  • Senior Chief Programmer Ban Mohammed Saleh … Division manager
  • Assist. Lecturer Hydar Hadi Meala
  • Assist. Lecturer Samer Raad Azzawi
  • Senior researcher Shahad Sbar Atioui
  • Senior researcher Abu Bakr Saeb Issa
  • Senior researcher Samar Husam-Aldeen Alam-Aldeen  
  • Assist. chief trans. Marwa Mahfouz Ahmed
  • Senior Eng. Naba'a Saeb Mahmud