Training and Development Division

The Training and Development Division organizes training courses for all institutions in order to upgrade the scientific and technical skills of the employees in various fields, including specialized courses in computer networks, networking equipment and network operating systems. thus, it introduce several preliminary internet courses, advanced internet courses, advanced maintenance courses, and give them a certificate issued by the Center after successfully passing the course.


  • Study the training needs of the Center periodically and coordinate to cover these needs with the rest of divisions’ Center.
  • Preparing of a booklet that relate to the courses which are provided by the center.
  • put plans and procedures related to improving the level of staff at the center .
  • Coordinates with the external Training Authority (Rehabilitation and Employment Division) to implement the courses for the candidates (students graduating from the University of Technology) through developing program skills.
  • prepare a report on the Division is submitted to the Director of Center indicating the progress of  training process and conclusion of this periodic report with an annual report at the end of the year showing the difference between current year and  past years for training
  • it prepare an evaluation forms that distribute on participants in order to develop the contain of the course and complete the missing part
  • Deals with government agencies related to the training process.

It supervise directly on examination halls in order to complete exams for computer qualifications for postgraduate studies.

Prepare specialized courses in computer networks, networking equipment, network operating systems, and computer maintenance for summer training program to students, by prepare them for field work and involve them in specialized courses to give them skills, knowledge and practical experience

Preparation of training plans.

  • Ensure that any deficiencies in the training system disclosed by audits are resolved.
  • Conduct annual reviews of the training system and report results to center manager.
  • Prepare a training program to implement the training plan
  • Coordinate training requirements with departmental managers
  • Supervise induction training for new employees
  • Organize specialized health and safety training


Division staff

  • Senior Chief programmer Noha Abdul Rasool Ismail ... Division manager
  • Assist. Lecturer Omar Hdaeb Saadoon
  • Assist. Chief Programmer Sally Khalid Hammadi
  • Senior Programmer Zainab Muhy Dawai
  • Chief  Research Bushra Muhammed Olioi