University Statistics Unit




Tasks and Duties:

University statistics: preparing all statistics related to the data of the affiliates, including lecturers, engineers, technicians, administrators, contracts and daily wages by entering the employee’s full name, career title, scientific title, general and exact specialization, date of appointment, date of obtaining the certificate and the awarding university or college For the certificate, and the introduction of the variables that occur for each affiliate (study vacation, motherhood vacation, conjugal vacation, long sick vacation), the Statistics unit also makes statistics on the number of computers and the number of Internet lines in the center and the statement of the building area of ​​the center and they are in the form of ready-to-fill tables Our division is sent to us by the university's university statistics department and on the (Excel) system.

  • Databases:- The unit creates a complete database for each affiliate and periodically enters all the information of the affiliates and on the Access system.
  • Semester activity: The unit lists the activities carried out by the center and is in the form of axes
  • A - The scientific axis: it includes conferences (setting or attending a conference), seminars, workshops, seminars, scientific visits, agreements, memoranda and laboratories.
  • B - The engineering axis, which includes engineering projects and courses held by the center.
  • Annual report: The unit prepares this report at the end of each academic year and it is in the form of tables of the number of teaching, technical and administrative staff present in the center and planned for the coming year, scientific research and books written and translated by teachers completed and planned to be completed in the coming year, delegations to owners Teaching, technical, and administrative, scholarships, study vacation inside and outside Iraq, training courses that affiliates participate in inside Iraq, and courses offered by the center.


Unit Staff:

  • Assist. Chief Statistician Haider Abdul-Mahdi Mutlaq ......... official of the unit

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