Maintenance Service


  • The Maintenance Division maintains all kinds of computers, desktops and laptops, and their peripherals such as printers, and scanners in addition to servers for all university departments and sections and for all the affiliates, students and course participants.
  • Connecting the (internal) computer networks, where the engineers of the Maintenance Division design and implement the internal networks using the various specialized operating systems in the university's departments and sections, including (classrooms, computer labs, and workshops).
  • In the field of software, this Division provides services for installing and updating software, operating systems, applications, translators, service programs and various antivirus. Also, one of the main tasks is solving potential problems, the most important of which are hardware conflicts with new operating systems and applications, or incompatibility with some old programs. In addition, the staff can also update files that operate devices (Drivers) and various computer components.



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