Internet and Intranet Service


  • Installation and maintenance of all types of wired and wireless networks of all kinds (routers, distributors and transmitting and receiving devices). As well as optical cable services with all its technologies, network systems and monitoring (Mikrotik, Ubiquiti, Cisco, Huawei, PRTG, Dude, Solarwind).
  • Providing an advanced infrastructure for the Internet and Intranet within the University of Technology, through which all the university’s formations are linked, including scientific departments, scientific, research and service centers, as well as the internal departments, where they have high capabilities that meet the aspirations of the University of Technology in adopting the latest IT technologies available in most international institutions and universities.
  • Continuous improvement and maintenance of this infrastructure, which helps to keep pace development in information and communication technology.
  • Providing a wide internet package that can meet the needs of all university staff, in addition to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

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