E-mailing System and E-Ticket System



      The Information Technology Center at the University of Technology, together with the technical team of the Council of Ministers, implemented two important systems to enhance electronic management at the University of Technology.

These systems reduce time, effort and accuracy in the work. This cooperation includes the implementation of the E-mailing system and the system  of E-Ticket. These two projects are the result of an agreement concluded between the University of Technology and the Technical Team of the Council of Ministers, which was held on February 15, 2021.

 The two systems will be put into practice this month, after the trial process is completed. The E-mailing System is concerned with official books issued and received from and to the university presidency, scientific departments and departments. While the e-ticket system is concerned with managing the technical side in the centers that provide technical services to the university, for example, following up on Internet issues, if any, then it can track the problem until the solution is found and identify the team that implemented it.

This cooperation will extend to include more advanced systems that serve the university in general and students in particular, such as the SIS Student Management System, which is being worked on with the team.

In our turn, we at the Information Technology Center would like to thank the work team for the technical cooperation.