The Information Technology Center announces the digital transformation of the university's technology Journals



      To catch up with the digital transformation, which has become necessary for higher education institutions to adopt it wisely and that its application is capable of creating an attractive technical competitive environment that achieves the highest levels of quality, and referring to the continuous guidance of the vice President of the University of Technology for Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate Studies, Prof. Dr. Haider Abd Dhahad The necessity of digital transformation of all aspects of the University of Technology.

The Information Technology Center took the initiative to adopt the transfer of scientific and engineering journals at the University of Technology to high-quality global systems, as the E-journal plus system was adopted for the four journals at the University of Technology: the Journal of Engineering and Technology, the Iraqi Journal of Computer Engineering, Communications, Control and Systems, the Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning and the Journal of Science Applied and Nanotechnology.

The manager of the Information Technology Center, Dr. Ghassan Abdel-Hussein, said that this step is the first nucleus of digital transformation and that the University of Technology attained its position among the universities of the world. The staff of the Websites Division participated in the digitization process, represented by the Division's official, Assit.lec. Muhammad Sabah Rasheed. In cooperation with the staffs of all scientific journals, we congratulate the University for this step, and we promise more technological progress in the coming days.