HUAWEI Job Vacancy Announcement


Education Background: Communication Engineering or related major

Related Work Experience: Fresh Graduated

Main Responsibilities:

  1. Organize the preparation of the project integration plan based on the contract and project characteristics, and monitor the implementation. Be responsible for the

timeliness and accuracy of plan completion.

  1. Assist the project manager in developing the project plan and rules, output the project master plan, and ensure the interconnection and feasibility of the master plan

and supporting plans.

Integrate the master plan and supporting plan of the program to achieve the optimal cost solution. Identify the deviations between progress, cost, and revenue in a

timely manner, and assist the PM in improving project profitability and achieving operating results.

  1. Organize the implementation of each functional module according to the project integration plan, and be responsible for the timeliness and completeness of the

planned data and actual data of the project progress.

  1. Regularly monitor the project progress, identify progress issues, assist the project manager in developing solutions, and monitor the closure.
  2. Be responsible for process optimization, tooling, and efficiency improvement.
  3. Be responsible for internal control KPIs.

Required Skills:

  1. Good communication skills, strong promotion and execution capabilities, and plan integration capabilities
  2. can speak English and Arabic
  3. Correct thinking, adhere to principles, conscientious and responsible attitude, work meticulously and conscientiously; Strong sense of responsibility; The logic is clear. Strong ability

to resist stress and have the ability to learn.

If yourself or anyone whom you know have above skills and experience share CV