The opening of the Huawei Academy at the University of Technology


The opening of the Huawei Academy at the University of Technology, where the academy aims to integrate the company’s academic content in the fields of (networks and artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things and 5G communications) with the university’s curricula, as well as training students on the latest technologies and ICT trends.

Where the academy works to qualify students to meet the requirements of the labor market in the fields of information and communications technology, build their capabilities and develop their digital skills, as Huawei’s practical content depends on the latest advanced technologies in line with global trends and the digital transformation plan

Huawei Academy seeks to transfer Huawei’s global knowledge and expertise to students through training programs that take into account the latest global trends, with the aim of preparing and training new staffs to be armed with the latest solutions and technologies, qualifying them for the labor market and joining them with major active companies

We would like to inform you that Huawei Academy at the University of Technology will open a number of courses online (free of charge):

  • HCIA Datacom Routing & Switching
  • HCIA 5G

To register for Huawei courses “HCIA Datacom, HCIA AI, HCIA 5G” through the link below, registration is only via the university’s official email


And the video below shows how to register in the form and get the course code


Where upon registration, an automatic message is sent to the e-mail immediately after the registration process on the form for the courses containing the code for each course.

To find out the steps to create an account and join the academy through the following file


After completing the course by the student, the exam can be obtained for free. If the student passes the exam, he will be provided by Huawei with an international certificate valid for 3 years.