Digital teaching course (sixth)

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According to the book of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Department of Studies, Planning and Follow-up No. T.M. 7/3599 on 4/27/2021 regarding the adoption of the digital teaching course among the requirements for obtaining the authority to teach and for all Iraqi universities.

As well as adopting a digital teaching course in assessing the skills acquired by lecturers at the University of Technology in e-learning and compact education to ensure that lecturers obtain performance assessing scores.

The (sixth) digital teaching course organized by the Information Technology Center / Ibn Sina Division for E-learning will be held at the University of Technology, starting on Saturday 2/18/2023, which will last for two weeks until Saturday 03/04/2023 with the day of the course exam. Note that the nature of the course is virtual (online) and on the Zoom platform, from 8:00 to 10:00 pm.

For details of the course and how to participate, you can review the Information Technology Center or visit the website of the Information Technology Center below under the Training Courses / Digital Courses tab.

الدورات الرقمية (

Note that the participants who pass the course successfully among the top five are given a letter of thanks and appreciation from the respected President of the University of Technology.