University of Technology special evening to support the Study in Iraq program

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Under the auspices of the University of Technology President, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Al-Ghabban, the Innovative Students Club hold UOT evening to support the Study in Iraq program, in which the student diversity at the University  will be highlighted by international students.

Our evening will be distinguished by cultural diversity and interesting activities such as:

Fashion, varied food, Ramadan music, students' bazaar, plastic art exhibition, wishing balloons and many other activities that mix peoples' cultures.

The invitation is for faculty staff, employees and Students University.

The entrance to the University is for ID holder from Al-Sina'a Street gate.


Sunday 4/16/2023, 8:00 PM


This evening is sponsored by

Innovative Students Club

Spark Organizational Team

Information Technology Center - University of Technology

Google Developers Team, University of Technology

Diwan Affairs Department, University of Technology

Media Department, University of Technology

















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