Announcing the Arabic language proficiency exam on Saturday, 09/19-2020


Registration Mechanism:
 1- Full full name
 2- Payment method in two ways:
 As for attending the Information Technology Center (Sunday and Tuesday) and paying in cash.
 - Or electronic payment via (Zain Cash) through the following code 530872
 And confirm the operation number or the short number of the agent.
 3- Upload the personal identification of the examinee (either a nationality certificate, a unified card, or a work ID).
 4- Download the receipt obtained from the Information Technology Center if the payment method is cash.
 5- Ensure that you write the e-mail correctly
 Examination mechanism and results announcement:
 The exam is on Saturday every week, and the names are announced one day earlier at night.
 The exam link will arrive on the day of the exam on Saturday morning in the official mail or in the unwanted message (SPAM) and it contains the exam code and examination instructions.  The exam link is open only once and for a period of 45 minutes from the date of opening the link, otherwise your right to be examined will be forfeited.
 The exam is available for the period from nine o'clock in the morning until ten at night, and the student can take the exam whenever he wants during this period (noting that the prescribed period for the exam is 45 minutes).
 The right to claim the examination falls after opening the link more than once