Electronic salary system workshop


According to the direction of the President of the University of Technology, Dr. Ahmed Muhammad Hassan Al-Ghabban, the respected, and the assistant to the president of the university for scientific affairs, Dr. Haider Abd Dahd, the respected, and under the direct supervision of the Director of the Information Technology Center, Dr. Ghassan Abdul-Hussein Bilal Al-Sultani, the respected, Information Technology Center held a workshop on displaying the salaries of university employees Electronically.

The goal of the system /- Displaying the employees' salary details, such as promotions differences, bonuses, spousal maintenance, net salary, and other information electronically- Not to deal on paper with data on the salaries of university employees, which reduces financial and administrative effort- The system helps all affiliates to know the details of their salaries at any time through a password for each affiliate, which limits the number of reviews to the Financial Affairs Department at the University Presidency.