Information Technology Center develops two systems, book borrowing and an electronic knowledge platform


Libraries are among the most important features that indicate the level of civilizational and cultural progress among the peoples of the world. They are a treasure trove of information that researchers resort to, as they are considered one of the most important sources of information, and in order for this information to be available to all, and through the impact of modern technology on the quality of services provided in terms of their accuracy and speed of provision Information from its traditional form to electronic form by computing many books very quickly in response to the wishes of the beneficiaries. With the full support of the decision makers at the University of Technology, represented by the President of the University the respected, and with the follow-up of the Assistant President of the University the respected for Scientific Affairs and Graduate Studies, and under the direct supervision of the Director of the Information Technology Center.

Our center (Electronic Systems and Administration Division, University Websites Division) has prepared two systems (electronic knowledge platform system and book borrowing system). Displaying the incoming books to enable the purchase of these books electronically so that the system allows the possibility of obtaining the extracts of university theses granted from the departments electronically wherever there is a personal account connected to an internet network.

It is worth noting the standard time in preparing these systems.

* The reading room in the Central Library is equipped with Internet service, which operates on the Hotspot system, and at a rate of one free hour for each visitor per day.

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