Center Management


       The Information Technology Center (ITC) is a board of directors, follows up on the affairs of its technical people and works and submits proposals that will improve its work and increase the efficiency of its performance in order to develop the Center's work. The IT center and its services are distributed in six divisions, headed by the Director of the Information Technology Center. Each of these divisions has a director technically and administratively , As follows:

Board of the Center




 Prof. Hayder Abed Dhahad

Vice President for scientific affairs and postgraduate study

 Board Chairman

 Asst. Prof. Ghassan Abdul-Hussein Bilal

 The manager of Information Technology Center

 Board Deputy

 Asst. Prof.  Aliaa K. Abd - Al Hassan

 Computer Science Department


 Senior Accountant Taymur Samir Qasim

 Director of Finance


 Asst. Lecturer. Ali Mohammed Hussein

 Information Technology Center



The Directors of ITC




 Asst. Prof. Ghassan Abdul-Hussein Bilal

 Manager of Information Technology Center

 Asst. Lecturer. Ali Mohammed Hussein

 Director of the Administrative Division

 Senior Chief Programmer. Ban Mohammed Salih

 Director of the E- Management and Databases Division

 Senior Chief programmer Noha Abdul Rasool Ismail

 Director of Training and Development Division

 Asst. Lecturer. Mohammed Sabah Rashid

 Director of the University Website Division

 Asst. Cheif Engineer Saba Muzaffar Nasser

 Director of Maintenance Division

 Senior Engineer Moataz Haidar Shawish

 Director of the Information Networks Division