The opening of a specialized global academy from the cloud services giant Amazon (AWS Academy)



The University of Technology obtains approval to open a specialized global academy from the cloud services giant Amazon (AWS Academy).

It is also always proactive in being the first in all scientific and technical fields, and not only in the field of obtaining advanced positions in international classifications and scientific research, and the belief of the presidency of the University of Technology in the need to support digital transformation at the University of Technology, and through the Information Technology Center at the university, the University of Technology obtained approval to establish Academy for the cloud computing giant (AWS Academy) Amazon, through the partnership with the American company AWS, through which the university can provide training programs within the global curricula in the field of cloud computing and its various services. The field of cloud computing, This partnership will be the university's goal in developing students, college graduates, and professors of all Iraqi universities and universities, and enhancing their skills in the field of cloud computing. which has become the most important element of digital transformation in universities and international companies.

Note that the representative of the AWS Academy at the University of Technology and its supervisor is Prof. Uday Ali Ahmed, the official of the Ibn Sina Division of e-learning, and his efforts, with the support of the director of the AWS Iraqi community program, engineer Ammar Hanoun, succeeded in achieving the opening of the academy in record time..