Technology participates in the “23 Things International” program

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An invitation to all our lecturers, researchers and students to participate

Technology participates in the “23 Things International” program


Researcher Development Program in various disciplines offered by King's College London

This participation was made by Prof. Dr. Monther Al-Kathemi, a faculty member at King’s College London and a member of the Global Advisory Board of the University of Technology, in cooperation with the Information Technology Center at the University of Technology.

The program will include an integrated online curriculum to prepare researchers and introduce them to all research methods, including organizing participation researcher teams, planning, artificial intelligence, data presentation and management, and many more...

Course duration

6/3 - 5/6/2023

- To register for the program and to learn more about the program details, please visit the following website:


Note: Please use the university email to confirm our university's participation in the above program






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