Online training course provided by Extron American Company

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Ibn Sina Division provides e-learning at the Information Technology Center / University of Technology in cooperation with Extron American Company

A free opportunity in the field of audio, video and connections provided by Extron American company, for University of Technology faculty and employees.

The course is online and self-paced learning.

There are certifications for participations that pass the final exam from Extron AV Associate and they will be nominated for a free invitation to visit the headquarters of Extron, the American company,  in the United Arab Emirates and attend a free course at the company's headquarters with only accommodation costs covered, by the Company.


The course includes:-

Sound Fundamentals

AV Networks

Control of AV system


Optical fiber

Signal processing and distribution


Principles of video

The course is intended for those who have an interest in learning and professionalism in the field of audio and video, as well as information and communication technology, for faculty and employees of University of Technology exclusively.

Fill in the personal information below, and you will be contacted by Extron, the American company on the official e-mail about the steps to participate and how to register the course.