Launching of training course program JSOUR at the University of Technology

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      With the direct supervision of the University of Technology President, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ghaban, the presence and fulfillment of the Supervisory Committee Chairman at the University of Technology, President Assistant of Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate Studies, Prof. Dr. Khawla Salah Khashan, the training course program, JSOUR, launched via Online lectures of English language and computer fields.

The course included thirteen groups of 350 trainees of two levels: the first is for beginners and the second is for advanced. When this course is finished, it is going to launch entrepreneurship and employment in the labor market course. This program is based on the agreement terms held between the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research with the World Food Programmed in six Iraqi governorates, including Baghdad Governorate, which is supervised by the University of Technology.