Computer qualification course announcement no. # 021 (last course)

Computer qualification course No. # 021 start on Saturday 19- 9 -2020. Time training and connecting with lecturer on electronic platform will be at any time from 10 am to 10 pm during the 5-days training course. An email will send to those who registered explaining class room entering. If you registered your email address in the electronic form, look for the received messages, you will find a message in which the code for the session, and then enter the code after installing the Google Classroom application.

 Course registration in the following link (you can register for the course before paying the amount): https://forms.gle/4JFfpiuLofKPgjFs8

 You must register for the electronic exam (after paying the amount) in cash only (payment has been stopped by the Zain Cash wallet) Pay by attending the Information Technology Center on Sunday or Tuesday and receiving a receipt to be attached to the electronic form after taking an electronic copy of the receipt.