The Director of the Information Technology Center publishes research in Safety Science


The Director of the Information Technology Center, Dr. Ghassan Abdel-Hussein Bilal, has published a  research entitled (Evaluating OSHA’s fatality and catastrophe investigation summaries: Arc flash focus) in Safety Science magazine with an impact factor of 4.105 from Clarfit (Cite Score 6.5) from Scopes.

 The research was distinguished by the joint academic and industrial side with external researchers from the United States of America from Lawrence Technological University and Estimator I, Fisk Electric Company.

 And it is learned from research in the process of protecting workers in the field of thermal electricity from exposure to physical harm in the event of a sudden fire by equipping them with a number of treatments that prevent them from exposure to this heat and to maintain their physical safety at work.

 Dr. Ghassan Abdel-Hussein said despite the momentum of administrative work at the university, he devotes part of his time to scientific research and communication with foreign researchers to increase knowledge, and that he and his colleagues contribute to increasing the value of the university’s global axis within the classifications.