Seminar and Workshops


The second workshop of Huawei Academy

Workshop on data analysis using Python

Huawei Academy Workshop

A Symposium about Career Ethics

A workshop about "How to use AI tools and applications"

Awareness seminar in the Department of Oil and Gas Engineering

(Perpetuate electronic files) workshop

 Free workshops for faculty members at the University of Technology in the field of cyber security

 Workshop dependence the system of validity of the issuance of documents for graduates of the University of Technology

Upcoming events system workshop with members of the association for university formations

Workshop for the classification of Iraqi universities sites

Electronic salary system workshop

Workshop on linking university libraries electronically

The Website sector presents a workshop in Electronic Schedules

University website division in UOT held an a professional workshop

Workshop in competitive examination system for postgraduate students

Workshop for applying Curriculum System at the University of Technology

Workshop of the Standard English examination System for Postgraduate students

The FTTD project workshop